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  François-Laurent Nivaud’s extensive experience in the overall management, of independent luxury hotels on the international theater, has garnered him recognition as a leader in the Hotel Industry. His style balances a pragmatic management approach with strong creative and innovative abilities; his broad business background fuels his practical and realistic objectives and has led others in achieving both short and long-term goals.  

   In 1998, he created New England Management Services (N.E.M.S.) “A think tank for the hospitality industry”. N.E.M.S. has been involved in many consulting projects around the country and has been instrumental in the development of a Hotel & Residences complex at Battery Wharf in Boston, which opened in the fall of 2008. N.E.M.S. has also been operating other projects in the Northeast, California and Florida. Personally, Nivaud was appointed Dean of the Roger A. Saunders School of Hotel & Restaurant Management at Newbury College in Boston in September 2000 and is presently Dean Emeritus.

   As Managing Director of the Boston Harbor Hotel for ten years, Nivaud demonstrated his drive to create a first-class-quality product by constantly demanding the ultimate in Services, Amenities and Facilities while improving the financial performance of the hotel three-fold.  He was credited for setting new standards in hotel re-development and giving the hotel a competitive edge by bringing it to the forefront of the high-tech world of communications.

   The Boston Wine Festival, now in its twenty first year, was Nivaud’s brainchild and one of many marketing successes that allowed him to position the Boston Harbor Hotel as the most luxurious hotel on the historic waterfront and one of the nation’s elite hostelries.  Nivaud’s abilities to recognize market needs and market trends led him to play a leadership role in establishing Boston and Massachusetts as a destination of choice for international travelers. Nivaud’s creation of the Massachusetts Lodging Association established him as a visionary, not only for the hotel industry but also for all facets of tourism.  He championed public-private partnerships for the marketing development of Boston and New England and is regarded, as one of the region’s most forceful and charismatic leaders in the hospitality industry.  He is also the co-founder of the Massachusetts Visitor Industry Council, Director of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Past-Director of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, and Director of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

   Always active in civic affairs, he co-founded “the Guild of Oenophilists” in 1990 in order to initiate the highly respected Boston Wine Expo; the first exhibit and symposium on wine in the Northeast and now the largest in the country.  Throughout the years, Nivaud has played a major role in International Events such as bringing to Boston the World Cup, Sail Boston or the BT Global Challenge.  He has also created or supported a multitude of charitable events, for the benefit of issues ranging from Public Broadcasting to Cancer and Aids research.  Nivaud has had several articles printed in various magazines and has published two books for the trade. He has lectured at various universities including Boston University and University of New Hampshire, prior to his teaching at Newbury College.  His skills and activities have occasioned articles, both within and outside of the United States.

   Nivaud’s early career included teaching at the world renowned Ecole Hoteliere de Vieux-Bois in Geneva, followed by managing de-luxe hotels in Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, London and New York.  Nivaud excels in the face of challenge, whether it is the development of a new property such as the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago, or the complete rehabilitation of a hotel like the Dorchester in London or the restoration to splendor of a venerable property such as the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.  Adding to his international experience, he served as Managing Director “Europe” for DoubleTree Hotels and was responsible for developing their expansion program overseas.

   Nivaud is married, has three children and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.  He graduated from the University of Caen with a Bachelor of Sciences degree and received a Diploma of Hotel & Restaurant Management from the Hotel School in Geneva.


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